SESL Seeders

Our SESL Seeders are a passionate team of professionals who are committed to growing the positive impact of business within the Southern Lakes. 

Olivia Day

Olivia Day
Project Management, Creative, Slow Business.
A shapeshifter with the ability to be both creative, strategic & tactical. Business mentoring for slow, meaningful, regenerative businesses.

Angela Fagan

Angela Fagan
Marketing and Digital Strategy | Tech for Good Navigator.
Chief navigator of Tech for Good NZ, passionate about combining the power of our communities and tech sector to create meaningful impact.

Barry Grehan

Barry Grehan
Brainstorming, wordsmithing, capital raising
Our Irish blow-in. He helped run PledgeMe for 4 years and now facilitates kōrero with young people through socent, Sticks ‘n Stones.

Leon Jay
Web Design, Digital Marketing, Social Enterprise
An international business author and speaker, Leon has also co-founded two SAAS companies, a co-working space and a digital marketing agency.

Jemma Knowles

Jemma Knowles
Community ownership, communications & engagement, decentralised organisational structures.
Passionate about helping communities work together to improve their quality of life whilst existing in harmony with the nature of which they are part.

Dennis Lindner

Dennis Lindner
Content management, Event creation & community building. 
Enabling change making through science based evidence, socio-cultural possibilities and mindful action.

Matt McPhee
Systems & Processes, Communications and Strategy, Retail & eCommerce Specialist.
A retail & digital veteran, recently exited a digital agency to pursue purpose driven change making via human led design and system disruption.

Michelle Moynes

Michelle Moynes
Communications, finding your magic and strategising the things.
Science, medicine & impactful strategic thinking with a passion for sustainability. Unique approach to being your most awesome self in business.

Anja O'Connor

Anja O’Connor
Efficiency in human processes, financial forecasting & modelling, uncovering interconnectedness.
German efficiency meets Blue Sky Thinking. Wicked problems she’s being lippy on: Housing for Social Justice and Youth Development.

Scott Stembridge
Strategy, Systems, Regenerative Business Designer.
Professional troublemaker helping community disruptors and business rebels generate real impact

Daniel Sweeney

Daniel Sweeney
Branding, Web Development & Communications
Has been creating solutions for small businesses since 2002, helping them to grow, increasingly with sustainability in mind.

Esther Whitehead

Esther Whitehead
An original thinker, known for her ability to inspire and shift perspectives to embed sustainable change.
Having set up, and run businesses and Impact Initiatives leading to legislative and policy changes in NZ, Esther enables others to think differently and develop in-house expertise.

Tribute to our outgoing members

Thank you so much for your contribution!

Raphael van Workum

Sophie Ward

Gwilym Griffith-Jones

Sue Coutts

Ting Zhang

Ania Lang

Jaz Streich

Jinene Clark

Danny Mastrioianni

Kieran Gardiner

Richard Mallet