About SESL

Social Enterprise Southern Lakes was born from Ākina’s 2019 Regional Hubs Pilot Programme.

Sophie Ward and the Wastebusters team saw the need for greater grassroots support for social enterprises in our region. She stepped up to join with seven other like-minded organisations from across the country.

The aim was simple: connect and equip a network of social enterprise champions to help social enterprises thrive in their local context. 

The invite was broadened and fifteen more local entrepreneurs and advocates came together to establish SESL – the steward responsible for growing the social enterprise ecosystem in Wānaka, Queenstown and the greater Southern Lakes region.

Collectively, we guide social enterprises and purpose-driven organisations. We help you to design your legacy and grow your impact.

What began as the Regional Hubs Pilot is now Flaxroots: The Social Enterprise Enablers Network of Aotearoa.

Are we right for each other?

We help the following:

  • Revenue-generating early stage social enterprises
  • High growth social enterprises
  • Established businesses refocusing on purpose and sustainability
  • Established community organisations creating a self-sustaining enterprise activity
  • High school students with a leaning towards social and environmental impact
  • People with a rough or a well-mulled-over impact idea

Where do you want to have an impact?

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